Paranormal Ouija Board Experiences (Short Stories)

It’s almost halloween beauty bugs, So that means I wanted to dedicate a spooky post (or two) to one of my favorite holidays during my favorite season! I have never been one to have paranormal experiences, in fact, I was always am pretty skeptical. Until just recently, I was convinced all “paranormal activity” could be…… Continue reading Paranormal Ouija Board Experiences (Short Stories)


How to Cope with Losing a Loved One…

These past two months have been the most difficult, emotional, and emotionless months of my life. Two months ago, my father passed away unexpectedly sending me into a whirlwind of emotions. It’s hard when a loved one dies, let alone a parent, let alone when you’re only 21 years old. You really do feel like…… Continue reading How to Cope with Losing a Loved One…


Let’s Talk Lifestyle: Healthy Body

Good afternoon beauty bugs, Today’s blog post is going to be different than usual; it’s not beauty based as you can tell by the title, but about keeping your insides beautiful instead. I’m currently 20 years old, turning 21 in a few days, and even at 20 I’ve realized you need to do good to…… Continue reading Let’s Talk Lifestyle: Healthy Body

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My Vintage Diner Photoshoot

Hello beauty bugs, First things first, hope you enjoy the new site layout. I’m still learning how to play around with all of the features on WordPress, but my site will be ever-changing as I figure more and more out. Let’s get to this post! I was recently granted an amazing opportunity to model in…… Continue reading My Vintage Diner Photoshoot