About Me

unspecifiedMy name is Kaitlyn and I’m currently an undergraduate student at the University of Connecticut. Amongst all of my studying, makeup is my passion; it keeps me zen and I love sharing this artistry with my friends and followers.

What inspired me to make a blog?

I have an addiction to anything beauty! My love for makeup really took off my junior year of high school – I’d been wearing makeup since about 7th grade (godawful black crayon eyeliner & mascara) but junior year of high school was when I discovered my love for winged liner. (I pretty much have worn it every day since). As soon as I mastered that wing (or thought I did) I started realizing how cool makeup actually was. I could really change my appearance – I could accentuate things I liked about my face and hide things I didn’t. This was life-changing for me.  Of course, my makeup skills were nothing to be proud of back in high school and every year I think I’m doing well with my look I end up looking back on it with only one thought in my head – SMH. But in the past year or two, my interest in beauty has really blossomed.

I constantly find myself on YouTube watching those flawless beauty bloggers – Jaclyn Hill, Carli Bybel, Nicole Guerriero, etc. I’m watching my makeup collection grow and grow (while my bank account is screaming) and I’m watching my skills improve in the process. Watching tutorials really inspire me and after I’m 5 minutes into the latest Casey Holmes Get Ready With Me I’m itching to do my own makeup. It’s become more than a passion – I’d classify it as an addiction (I can’t walk past the make-up aisle of the drug store without buying at least something). I’m awful at putting makeup on other people, so starting a career in makeup artistry really wouldn’t be for me, but I figure that blogging will be an interesting way to share my personal tricks & tips with you all.