What’s in my DIY Beginner SFX Kit? (AFFORDABLE!!) + YouTube Video

Hello beauty bugs,

I’ve been MIA for a while but was inspired to post about my special effects makeup kit I built myself and all on a budget!! I would say in total, my SFX kit cost me about $100 TOPS! I stuck to Amazon, Michael’s (my local craft store) and my local dollar store for all the supplies in this kit so all materials are accessible for anyone. These are basically just essentials for beginners in SFX makeup, and I’m sure you could even make it by without this complete kit. Below will be a YouTube video I just posted explaining all of this in greater detail, so check that out as well. So with that, lets dig into it:


  •  Box to put it all in: I got this plastic box from Michael’s for about $10. It’s the perfect size for a beginner kit, although once you expand your collection I’m sure you’ll need more. In the meantime, this size was perfect and I just put a little label on the box to make it a little more appealing.
  • Plastic palette cups (from Michael’s) for mixing colors, liquid latex, etc.
  • Plastic palette (from Michael’s) for liquid latex, paints, etc.
  • Cotton balls (from dollar store) for creating texture on the face with liquid latex
  • Q-tips (from dollar store) for various uses
  •  Stipple sponge – ignore the sponges in this photo, these did NOT stipple. Instead, I went to Petco and bought Fluval aquarium sponges for $3.99, it’s a huge sponge that can be cut up to stipple with, and much cheaper than the ones on Amazon.
  • Paint brushes (from Michael’s) I HIGHLY recommend buying a cheap set of either paint brushes or makeup brushes for this kit. DON’T use your own nice makeup brushes, they’ll get ruined from liquid latex, paint, etc. I spent probably $4.99 on all of these brushes. 
  • Spirit Gum – this is a must-have for all SFX kits! This product allows you to adhere props to your skin (horns, 3D objects, etc.) and they will NOT budge. Make sure you purchase a spirit gum remover if one doesn’t come with your spirit gum already, or else those props are never coming off lol!
  • IMG_1500Liquid Latex – must have for all SFX looks! This is the cheapest medium with the widest variety of uses. You can make anything from a cut, to burns, to wrinkles using liquid latex. Easy to find on Amazon or at your local Halloween store in October.
  • Scar Wax – there are tutorials online for DIY scar wax, but many different brands available for purchase if you’re willing to splurge; a great medium for molding wounds, etc.
  • Fake Blood – what more do i need to say??
  • Scab Blood – many different SFX brands make this (aka coagulated blood); thicker consistency than regular fake blood; i love it – my fave sfx product!!
  • Face Paint – based on your needs you’ll either need one or two colors (you can find at any store near Halloween), or can purchase a palette like myself on Amazon for $10-20 

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