New YouTube Video and Future Channel Plans??

Hello beauty bugs!

I’m currently bedridden with what I’m assuming to be the flu since my Mom had it last week and its been circulating. But I decided to do something somewhat productive with my sick day and edit a video I filmed just yesterday. They aren’t kidding when they say YouTubing is a lot of work – it took me ALL day to get this video ready to post. Anyway, today’s video is all about makeup that I do when I’m in a rush before my college classes and actually feel like putting on a little bit of makeup to look somewhat decent (although admittedly I usually opt out of makeup for class lol).

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you can, I have big plans for my channel this year. As with my blog, I started posting less and less a while back because I felt confined to post all things beauty. I plan on increasing the content I’ll be posting on my channel so it won’t be only makeup related. I want to keep posting beauty videos, but I’ve been itching to post some True Crime videos, unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories, SFX makeup and even ghost stories. So don’t plan on only seeing makeup tutorials from me now on!

I’m super excited for what this new outlook on my channel has in store. I hope you’ll subscribe and follow me on this journey!


XO Kaitlyn


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