Top Walt Disney World DOS & DONTS

Happy Caturday beauty bugs,

Hope you’re having a magical Saturday. This post is going up a day late because I’m still trying to get my posting schedule (Tuesdays and Thursdays) down, but at least it’s up. I recently went on a week long trip to Walt Disney World and it was just as great as it was when I was younger. WDW really is for all ages! Anyway, there were some things I wish I had known before I went on my trip and will keep
in mind for next time, so I thought I’d share a quick list of dos and don’ts to help you guys out in case you’re planning a trip in the near future! Let me know your dos and don’ts in the comments!


  1.  Decide on your Fastpasses as soon as you purchase your park tickets! Fastpasses for newer and popular attractions will go QUICK and you might miss out on one of your most anticipated attractions if you procrastinate.
  2. On a related note, get Fastpasses for the character meet & greets if you are planning on doing so – or else you’ll be in line to get that 30 second interaction with Pooh Bear for 60 minutes.
  3. Make time for all of the OG attractions! Disney is always renewing attractions to keep up to date with the times, they might take away one of your favorites one day. I made room for the Country Bear Jamboree and the Tiki Room!
  4. Watch the Lion King Celebration show. It’s one of the best shows I have ever seen and if you skip it, you’re really missing out.
  5. Make sure you attend the Festival of Fantasy parade on Main St. & watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks at 8pm – make sure you get a spot in front of the castle or you’ll miss half the spectacle. We didn’t know this and got a killer spot on the other side of the castle… or so we thought.
  6. If you have already seen the parades or firework shows, take advantage of short waiting times at your favorite attractions during these showtimes. I saw waits drop from 90 minutes to 10 minutes during a park event.
  7. Hit all of the parks if you can – if you’re only there for a few days that might be difficult, but Park Hopper tickets could be your new best friend. If you’re there for an entire week, spend a day at each park! And make sure you hit Disney Springs for all your food and souvenir needs.
  8. Wear sneakers and comfy clothes – cute is not always comfy ladies! You’ll average JUEN1628about 10 miles walking a day easy, your feet and back will thank me later.
  9. Get the meal plan, and the value plan at that. You’ll get 2 snacks and 2 quick service meals a day. If that doesn’t sound like enough, it is, trust me. A meal includes one dessert (snack) or drink and the entree portions are already large! My party had 14 leftover snacks by the end of our stay and raided our hotel store of Goofy Co. candy (and that was when we were eating whenever we got hungry!!).
  10. Purchase the resort refillable cup! You’ll get free fill ups of fountain drinks, coffee and hot chocolate at ANY Disney resort. Getting a cup means you’ll get a dessert (snack) with each meal because you won’t be using your side on a bottled drink from the cooler!
  11. Take advantage of the traveling amenities Disney has to offer. That means, take advantage of Disney’s Magical Express and hotel luggage delivery and even luggage check-in for your flight AT YOUR HOTEL! You won’t have to worry about lugging around your heavy bags to and from the airport, or worrying about spending your last day in Florida waiting to check your bags at Orlando International.


  1. Don’t wait in line for an attraction for 2+ hours. This past month the Pandora “ride a banshee” attraction at Animal Kingdom had a 4 HOUR wait – yes, 4 HOURS! It’s not worth wasting half of your day in the park for one attraction, especially when rides only average a few minute long experiences.
  2. Don’t overpack for your days at the park. First, bag check will be hell if you are carrying 4 different bags with you, or if you’re stuffing unnecessary things into your bag. They’re usually very thorough at security checks, so it could annoy you, or the people behind you, about how IMG_0361 uch stuff they have to rummage through. Plus, it’ll be a hassle fitting large bags or multiple bags on rides!
  3. Don’t stress about bringing a bag to the park though. I was worried about the bag I brought with my camera and a few other essentials and taking it on rides. Before I knew the drill, I was panicking about my bag falling out on a rollercoaster, etc. or about leaving my bag to the side for someone to potentially swipe. They have pouches on each and every ride for smaller items/bags, but also allow you to put larger bags near your feet that you can cling onto throughout the ride.
  4. Don’t be picky about planning each day to a T. It won’t go as plan and it’ll put you in a bad mood. Instead, choose a park, remember the times of your Fastpasses and just do whatever feels right around them!
  5. Don’t travel to Walt Disney World right around Christmas – but don’t fool yourself into thinking there is an off-season. There’s no such thing at WDW anymore! Be prepared for large crowds and waits, but the experience and attractions make it worth the hassle.
  6. Don’t shy away from checking your resort room for bed bugs. This is the ugly truth no one wants to face, but checking before getting settling in ANY hotel room is crucial. Bed bugs are stealthy travelers and can be in ANY room – it doesn’t matter how clean, how new, etc. a room is, it doesn’t matter that its WDW, it happens. Check under your mattress, behind picture frames, curtains and your headboard. Keep luggage on the luggage rack. If you find the creepy crawlers, breathe, don’t panic. Just because there is bed bugs in one room doesn’t mean they’ll be in the next room. Calmly let the hotel know and they will give you another room. Don’t let it ruin your trip! It happens, and what’s important is that you catch them BEFORE you sleep there or else you’re risking bringing them home. You really should be checking before staying at ANY hotel room. IMG_0328

The most important thing to remember is its vacation, make memories and have fun!! Have a magical time!

xx Kaitlyn


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