Paranormal Ouija Board Experiences (Short Stories)

It’s almost halloween beauty bugs,

So that means I wanted to dedicate a spooky post (or two) to one of my favorite holidays during my favorite season! I have never been one to have paranormal experiences, inouija fact, I was always am pretty skeptical. Until just recently, I was convinced all “paranormal activity” could be explained. I had always been very intrigued by a ouija board, and the fact that people usually warn against it. I don’t understand exactly how a ouija board works. I’ve heard strong entities can move the planchette with their own energy, but I’ve also heard its your subconscious moving the planchette. The latter I would like to maybe debunk- I find myself constantly jumping to conclusions of what the ouija will spell out before it does so, and even though I have this word already thought of in my brain- the ouija has never once spelled out the same word I was thinking. Despite not really knowing how it works, its mesmerizing. It’s also unreal the ouija board is sold as a board game for ages 8 and up. I’ve done my research and have learned how to properly and respectfully play the ouija board. Lets get in to a few encounters I’ve had with entities through the board to this day: (***THESE ARE ALL TRUE STORIES THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO ME***)d738d5a50c4a18e66b2c2871da8f4481

» “NM” : The first encounter we had with the Ouija board at the graveyard was very strange, and I still can’t explain it. We opened the board and ask if there is anyone there. The planchette moves to “yes”. We ask the entity its name to which it responds “NM”. We ask if those are its initials. It responds “NM”. I ask “Are you from New Mexico”, the planchette quickly moves to “NM”. As we continue to attempt to ask the spirit more questions, it only responds “NM…NM…NM” quickly to whatever we ask as if it was frustrated we weren’t understand what it meant; the planchette was even lifting off of the board with the amount of energy it was communicating with. We had to close out the game with an apology that we couldn’t understand what it was trying to tell us.

» “The Overdose” : Another spirit we encountered in the graveyard came through the board after we asked to speak to a strong entity. I don’t remember if we asked the spirit’s name, but I do remember asking if it was a boy. It moved to yes. We asked the spirit’s age next, he replied “43”. We ask the spirit how he died, to which he spells out “XANAX”. This was crazy for us, none of the entities had spelled out a word this long that was not gibberish. (It seems spirits can get confused when using the board and can spell out words jumbled that make no sense quite often.) We immediately ask him if he overdosed on Xanax, he replies “yes”. We ask him, did you do it on purpose? He responds “yes.”

» “Nana” : I’ve played the ouija board in a graveyard as well as a house. Both times we encountered a spirit who called herself “Nana”. When we first encountered her, she was a very strong entity who came through in a graveyard. We asked her if she was good, she replied yes. We asked her her name, she replied “Nana…Nana…Nana”. We ask her age, 6FA2027147B6E92F4D9CAE7FFDC1FA8CEAD65299and she replies 36. After we ask her these questions she goes back to moving the planchette to “Nana” over and over again, rapidly. I get freaked out and say we should close the board- I had heard of the ouija board demon Zozo, and was nervous this was another name it came through under. Rapid movements back and forth are a signature sign of Zozo- or a strong, evil entity. Flash forward and we’re playing the ouija board again. We ask if any strong spirits would like to come through. The planchette moves to yes. We say what is your name, the spirit replies “Nana”. We ask if we have talked to her before, she replies yes. To confirm its the same Nana, we ask her age. She moves the planchette to “2”. We say “Is that really your age?”, she moves the planchette to “4”. (This freaks us out, this is when I started to get an uneasy feeling speaking with Nana that I had yet to feel using the ouija board until that moment). We ask “did you follow us?” and she moves quickly to “yes”. We ask her if she is bad, she says “no.” We ask her, “do you have anything to tell us?” She responds yes. Ballsy enough, we ask if it is bad. She replies “yes”. But when we ask her about what she has to tell us, the energy seemingly disappears. After a few moments of no movement, I ask her if she was buried in the cemetery to which she responds no. We ask her if she’s here to stay, and she responds “yes”. We end the game with a goodbye, and an uneasy feeling.



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