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Younique BB Cream & Self Tanner Review: Do You NEED These For Summer 2017?

Hello beauty bugs!

A few months back I was contacted by my now good friend and Younique rIMG_8177epresentative Brigitta Malics via Instagram where we connected on our passion for all things beauty! I had never heard of the company Younique before she introduced it to me and I have to say I’m so glad she did. I hosted a Younique beauty party on Facebook in March which was a bunch of fun for me and my FB friends. Brigitta not only showcased Younique products but also gave us all makeup tips that you can apply to any products you own. She was kind enough to have sent me a couple Younique products to personally try out and review, which I’m forever grateful for! Thank you Brigitta 🙂

The products I received to test out were the Younique BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer as well as the Younique Beachfront Self-Tanning Body Lotion, two products I thought would be perfect for spring and summer this year!

The BB cream (I used shade Bisque) was utterly amazing (see photo on left). Seriously. I’m not much of a BB Cream girl; I’ve tried Maybelline’s before and wasn’t a big fan- I like my medium to full coverage foundations. But Younique‘s BB cream has changed my life! Firstly, the shade Bisque matches my skin perfectly, with a little room to tan or to get slightly paler. I apply my Younique BB cream with my damp Real Techniques beauty sponge and ooh my skin adores it. It is SO veryIMG_8599 hydrating, which is just what I need with my eternally dry and flakey skin. And, unlike other BB creams, it lends a surprisingly good coverage. It almost seems like a light coverage foundation to me, with all the skin enhancing benefits of a BB cream. I just love letting it soak up into my skin, it leaves it feeling so healthy! I usually use some concealer along with it and set it with a loose powder, but if left unset if gives the skin such a dewy glow, which is going to be perfect for summer. I really don’t have any honest complaints about Younique‘s BB cream – the shade is spot on, coverage is amazing, and there is plenty of product in the tube to last you at least 6 months of everyday use. I love using this BB cream when I want to let my skin take a breather from full coverage foundation or when I want to throw on some quick makeup. I 10/10 recommend purchasing this product and I’ll be repurchasing once I run out!


The second product I received was the Beachfront Self-Tanner. I’ve only used this product twice and each time the end result was quite different. The

Wearing Younique BB cream in ‘Bisque’

first time I used this product, I absolutely adored it! I made sure to shave, exfoliate and not apply any other product to my skin before popping out of the shower and applying this baby. Brigitta recommended I use a tanning mitt, so I picked one up for $5 from my Ulta. I really haven’t used self-tanner much before, so I was quite nervous. But I just went to town rubbing in the lotion using my mitt. Luckily, this self tanner has a color guard which bronzes your skin slightly as you apply so you’re aware of where you missed. It smells like a tanning lotion and instantly made me feel as if I was at the beach! It began to develop within a couple hours and I was loving the results. It didn’t look orange AT ALL! It was a nice brown bronze- natural-looking as can be. The next morning I woke up very pleased with how the tan looked fully developed- I wasn’t streaky at all and loved the color payoff. (Also used this on my face!!) I ended up applying another layer a few days later to darken the color up just a little to see what would happen. It still looked amazing (See mirror selfie on left- this is a day or two after second layer application!! aah love it). My self tan lasted about a week, and it didn’t flake off in a weirIMG_8262d fashion (like I’ve experienced with Jergen’s), just faded away over the days like a real tan minus the possibility of skin cancer. My only word of advice on this product, please do use a mitt! The second time I applied the self tanner, I used my hands with latex gloves to see how it would come out. It came out TERRIBLE! So streaky!! Whereas the mitt left me glowing, dark and flawless. Definitely worth the investment to get a mitt for ANY self tanner.


So here’s the real question: do YOU need these products for this summer? I say YES!! If you’ve been looking to splurge on Younique’s product line, you must get these two products! They blew me out of the water on performance. I can’t wait to try more Younique products and maybe one day become a rep myself for such an amazing company. Definitely check them out.

Also, make sure to check out Brigitta’s FB page and shop Younique through her link! She’s just the sweetest and I’m so glad to have met her!

Until next time,

xo Kaitlyn


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