Let’s Talk Lifestyle: Healthy Body

Good afternoon beauty bugs,

Today’s blog post is going to be different than usual; it’s not beauty based as you can tell by the title, but about keeping your insides beautiful instead. I’m currently 20 years old, turning 21 in a few days, and even at 20 I’ve realized you need to do good to your own body and your mind. I’ve been in a better headspace now that the weather has gotten warmer, and have been motivated to better myself health-wise.

Let’s get deep & personal: like most, I have an eternal struggle with body image. I’ve always been self-conscious since I was a young girl of my appearance, (which is why I love how makeup can help enhance things about yourself you love and hide things you aren’t so fond of. However, I have also learned a healthy slate is easier to work with, including a healthy body, healthy skin, healthy hair, etc.)20151115_152028000_iOS
I still struggle with body image to this day, if not now moreso than ever. College really takes a toll on your body, eating habits and workout regimen. There’s barely time to get those 5 assignments done a week, let alone juggle extracurriculars, working AND eating healthy/working out. I’ve never been fond of working out, however in high school we had mandatory gym class 3 times a week and I also played on my school’s tennis team for three years (which is the one sport I can/will play lol), which helped keep me in shape without me really being conscious of it. However, in college, those mandatory PE classes disappeared, and time for club sports got blown out of the water with my intense amount of course work for a Bachelor of Science as an Animal Science major. I definitely gained the freshman 15, maybe even the freshman 20 when I wasn’t mindful of my eating habits and lived off of Dunkin coffee & muffins for breakfast.

So now here I have been for the past two years wallowing in my poor eating habits and lack of exercise besides walking to and from classes. Finally I’ve gotten fed up with my unhealthy lifestyle and I’ve decided to make a major change! Following a bunch of nutritional and fitness accounts on Instagram has really jumpstarted this process I must admit, I yearn for that fit physique and that energy boost from eating clean- now it’s just a process to switch over to that completely, which is why I’m making this post!

I don’t want to fall out of this health kick I’m on- I want this to be a life change that doesn’t go away. I figure making a blog post about it can help to not only motivate me and sway me from the chance of giving up, a
s well as inspire some of you who may be going through this to to make the change. Although my blog is mainly beauty-based, I do want to continue to document lifestyle posts on here as well once in a while and this big life change I’m about to go through. LET’S DO THIS!! Keep an eye out for posts in the future about changes in my diet, healthy recipes (for dummies!!) and workout routines/fitness fashion. I promised myself 2017 was going to be different; I wasn’t going to say it was going to be a good year, I promised myself I would MAKE it my best year yet. You certainly cannot help things that happen outside of your control, but you definitely can control your own happiness. Let’s start this journey together. d190ba0ef49bff472d4e256958e3a13c


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