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Morphe 35o Palette: The Hype Explained.

Hello dear beauty bugs!

It is offically November, and I have officially been avoiding posting for months. This semester I’m a junior in college…I know right? HOW?! It really does go by so quick, way quicker than high school. Anyway, I’ve found myself with a free moment of time to write a post I’ve been wanting to for months. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Morphe 35o palette by now, especially if you’re as addicted to YouTube as myself. Jaclyn Hill and Nikki Tutorials rave about this palette and I finally understand why!

I first heard about the palette last fall when Jaclyn released an all-tell video on the esteemed eyeshadow collection. But- it sold out days after her video and STAYED sold out for months upon months. I finally remembered how badly I had wanted the palette last year this August and decided to place the order.

FIRST OF ALL- this palette, complete with 35 warm toned shades is only $22.99! You read that right – 22.99. I was not expecting a PRO palette from Morphe to be this budget-friendly considering they are such an esteemed brand. You can purchase the 35o which is a collection of mattes & shimmers, or an all-matte or shimmer palette for the same price. A bundle of the shimmer and matte palette is only $43.99.

It’s a warm lover’s dream, an autumn essential and a staple for your collection. I swear you’ll never need any other warm-toned palette again; this one is complete with any shade of neutral creme, orange, and brown tones you have ever imagined. The colors range from light highlight shades, to lovely transition colors, to deep colors for smokey masterpieces. ” The perfect balance of matte and shimmery finishes make it a go-to for makeup lovers at every skill level. Get everything you need to highlight, blend and transition without ever wearing the same look twice.” – a quote directly from the Morphe website which I stand by 100%, couldn’t sum the shadows up better if I tried.img_6359


The pans are a fairly good size compared to most palettes I own as well. And don’t get me started on the consistency/formula. Sure UD shadows, Too Faced shadows, etc. have been widely recognized for such a high quality formula complete with amazing pigmentation but at quite the price. These shadows are just as good quality if not BETTER. They blend seamlessly and pigmentation pay off is amazing. I also notice the shadows don’t particularly crease on my eyelids or become any less intense throughout daily wear, even without a eyeshadow primer.

If you wish to purchase this palette, you can find it at this link: MORPHE 35o PALETTE

Here are just a few looks I’ve created using the palette:


Thanks for stopping by :*

xoxo Kaitlyn


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