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How To Get Salon Nails AT HOME!

Helloooo my beautiful buggies,

I know, I know, it’s been super long again since I’ve posted but in my defense…COLLEGE SUCKS! Anyways, today I had some time to spare and it’s finally the weekend (woot woot!) and wanted to share this amazing, quick and easy way to get a salon manicure AT HOME!

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IMPress Oval Edition (Short) set

So keep on reading if you want to find out how to get a to-die-for if you’re short on time and on a budget.

Recently, I picked up some IMPress nails as well as KISS nails from my local CVS as they were having a “buy 2 get 1 free” deal. For a basic run down, you get around 2 sets of nails in a pack for $8.00. I say 2 sets because usually I can scrounge up similar sized nails for a second manicure from the same package, even if they might not be a Cinderella fit the second time around- they still look cute! The designs available in the drugstore have me standing in the aisle for a good 20 minutes trying to only pick a few packages, they all look so classy & REAL!

I had been considering getting acrylic nails at a salon recently but haven’t worked up the guts to go through with it. I was really worried that if I did it and couldn’t deal with the feel of long nails, I would’ve wasted my money (and inevitably ruined my real nails, even tho let’s be honest, my natural nails ain’t too cute as is). Anyway, when I was scanning the CVS makeup aisle IMG_1505like I do at least once a week, I saw the sale & the adorable spring pastel collection that were stocked. I ended up buying two pairs of IMPress nails and one pair of KISS nails.

IMPress nails are stick-on nails whereas the KISS sets are either stick-on or glue ons. I had used IMPress nails in the past and the stick-on aspect actually works more effectively than you would think. But, I wanted to buy some new nail glue while I was in because if I popped a nail off on accident, I wanted to be able to attach it and not have to take them all off (because who can actually deal with having one nail missing, I HATE THAT!!!) I purchased the KISS Brush-On nail glue for around $5.00.
IMPress nails applied using the sticky tape that comes on the nails in the package will last you for around a week if you’re not doing anything that could put too much force on the nail. I found if I popped on off, I’d just brush the glue over that no longer sticky area of the nail and reapply them. This could basically extend the nails for as long as you’d like if you keep reapplying the nails with glue. The KISS glue is super heavy duty, I found myself struggling to not glue my fingers together using this stuff. It dries in a few seconds and once it dries, don’t even try to rip the nail off! That being said, I barely had any issues with my nails popping off with that glue until a week was up and the bond was weaker/worn down which is going to happen no matter what with drug store nails. FullSizeRender (5)

I really enjoyed how both the IMPress & KISS sets I got had a more flexible feel to them than typical or cheaper fake nails (Claire’s nails come to mind, they always are pretty brittle in my opinion). I feel like when the nails are more flexible feeling, they will be less likely to pop off. Whenever I tried to wear more brittle, stiff nails, they would pop off even a few hours after I put them on if I tried to run my fingers through my hair or something simple.

All in all, I definitely recommend using these nails whether you want a quick, effortless way to decorate your nails, don’t want to commit to acrylics full-time or want to test out different shapes/sizes and get the feel of fake nails if you’re considering getting acrylic nails. IMG_4094


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