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Fabletics Fashion Review – What You Need To Know

Hey beautiful beauty bugs!

I have a different post today considering the makeup-based atmosphere of my blog. I’m not a fashionista by any means, but I would like to get more into fashion. This can be considered my first “fashion” post on here…I’m thinking maybe I’ll do a “Fashion Friday” and post my favorite OOTD (outfit of the day) from that previous week with a piece by piece breakdown.

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Me in my new Fabletics “Yuzu” outfit

For my first “Fashion Friday” I wanted to talk about my first ever Fabletics purchase & all over experience with the company. I’m sure you’ve seen those commercials all over TV featuring the stunning & fantastically fit Kate Hudson offering you your first outfit for $25. The clothes looked stunning on the commercial! I’ve been itching to start a fitness lifestyle; I’m really unhappy with my body at this time and want to start making some changes. I figured the best way would be to motivate myself first by buying cute athletic wear! I watch Casey Holmes on YouTube who has been going through a fitness lifestyle change for the past year or so now, and she always raves about Lulu Lemon – but as soon as I clicked on the website and saw a pair of leggings for $85 I was like helllllll no. I’m not willing to invest THAT much into a fitness lifestyle just quite yet. So after seeing the commercial for Fabletics countless times on TV,  I decided to browse the site. Right away they ask you to fill out a quick survey called “The Fit Quiz”, answering quick questions like your gender as well as your preferred style of clothing. Then you have to fill out an “application” for VIP membership, which is the only way you can get your first outfit for $25 otherwise the outfits are substantially more expensive.

I signed up for this VIP membership, not really understanding what exactly it entailed (but I’ll get on to that later in this post), but seeing lots of cute outfits for $25 that were handpicked for me based on how I answered the questions in The Fit Quiz. There was one that really caught my eye immediately, and that was the one I chose to buy. I only wanted to get one outfit to make sure I liked the quality/sizing/durability of the clothing before committing $50+ to this website. About a week later, my order arrived!

In your package, you receive, of course, your outfit – as well as a little booklet about Fabletics, a sample of Tide Pods, as well as a $100 wine voucher. I thought the sample & voucher were really nice gifts for them to include. But of course, the outfit was my main priority. I ordered the “Yuzu” outfit which is comprised of the “Arta Long Sleeve Top” and the “Corfu Capri”. I got the top in the color “Velvet” and the pants in black. I decided to get the top in medium while I ordered the pants in large (I have wide hips & I was afraid the medium would hug too tight).

I absolutely love the outfit. Everything fit me perfectly and the material is very good/durable quality. You can be assured just by feeling the strength/stretch of the material that they shouldn’t tear or get worn for a long time or possibly ever. I also think the clothes are super cute. The color of the top I got is beautiful & the detailing mesh on the front and back adds to it as well. The shirt also comes complete with thumb holes if you’re into that! The capri leggings I got impressed me just as much if not more than the shirt. Luckily, I was right, the large fit me perfectly. The leggings really compress your body which obviously makes your body look good & also leaves you feeling comfortable while performing physical activity. Again, the legging durability is great. I also think the Fabletics logo on the leggings is super cute as well. Overall, I obviously feel super cute and ready to get my fitness on in this outfit! I definitely do recommend checking out the site.

THE ONLY NEGATIVE: I, being dumb & not reading fine print/looking into things before I sign up, thought that I would warn those of you who are possibly like me as well about the VIP membership. The VIP membership is the only way you can get your first outfit for $25, as well as get your following outfits at discounted prices. The VIP membership also picks out custom outfits for you based on your Fit Quiz (and I’m assuming previous purchases.) It all seems like fun & games until you read about the VIP membership.

The VIP membership requires that you purchase at least one outfit a month, or “Skip The Month” on your account. Which is totally fine if you plan to buy an outfit every month or will remember to go on and “Skip The Month” when you decide you’re not buying an outfit. However, I definitely would not remember to do this! And I’m certainly not buying a new outfit everything month because ya girl broke. IF YOU FORGET TO SKIP THE MONTH OR PURCHASE ANOTHER OUTFIT, THE COMPANY AUTOMATICALLY CHARGES YOUR CARD $50 FOR EVERY MONTH YOU FORGET TO DO SO. This scared the crap out of me, I would definitely not be able to afford this and I’m too busy to remember to log on every month.

Luckily, you can cancel your VIP membership. The only way to do so is to call their hotline. So I decided to do so. First, an automated message comes on saying to explain why you are calling & give your account info. I simply said “to cancel my VIP membership”. The robot responds by saying “It sounds like you want to cancel your VIP membership…we’re sorry to hear this” – something along those lines. From there, you would assume they would automatically cancel your membership but no. They then connect you to a real person working for the company, running the hotline. I explain to the guy that I would like to cancel my membership and instead of him agreeing immediately and cancelling my membership like I had ASKED, he proceeds to ask me why, and try and convince me to stay on the membership. We were bantering back and forth on the phone for a good 5 minutes with me saying “No I really think I just want to cancel my membership” and him going “If you keep the membership I will load 500 points on to your account right now” and so on. It was very frustrating, like no sir, I just don’t want to be a VIP member anymore! Eventually, the membership was cancelled a good 20 minutes into the call, but it was really annoying & frustrating — just please do what I ask, especially if I’m asking nicely!

That customer service experience was the only issue I have with this company and I definitely would purchase another outfit from the site again (free of the VIP membership of course).


XOXO Kaitlyn


DISCLAIMER: Header photo and 2 Yuzu outfit photos are not mine. Taken from google images/


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