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Purple Cut-Crease for Beginners

How are you, beauty bugs?

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted on my blog – I’m sorry! I’ve been super busy at UConn, squeezing in those last few midterms. But I am now on spring break for a week and am planning a few posts out for you guys to make up for lost time. I figured today I would give you a makeup walkthrough on this look I created a few months back – a glam purple cut-crease…FOR BEGINNERS! YES! This was actually my first attempt at a cut-crease, inspired by IAmJustAMakeupLover’s Youtube tutorial on a cut-crease look.


First, PRIME! I primed my eyes with my Urban Decay Primer Potion – I actually have this in a sample size. Quick Tip: if you are eyeing an Urban Decay product, buy it at Ulta! They give you loads of UD samples when you buy a UD product, and the samples are always good sized! This primer provides a nice, matte & neutral base to apply your eyeshadow and helps the pigmentation last all day.

Next, I started by creating a defined line where I wanted the two “portions” of my eyeshadow look to be separated. I took a fine tuned brush and laid down the shade “Naked” (a neutral light brown) from my Urban Decay Naked palette. I drew a literal line where I wanted the divide to be. I blew the shadow upwards with a small fluffy blending brush so the line wasn’t as harsh.

I used my Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Milk” to completely cover my lid & all the area below that line of light brown shadow. This eye pencil will work as an extra base to apply a light eyeshadow on top of that will allow the pigmentation to be even more dramatized. To blend out this creamy white base, I used a small shader brush to make sure the blending was clean and didn’t cross the border I created with my light brown shadow.

Now, I take a light purple shaded eyeshadow (I used one from a giant eyeshadow kit I bought at Ulta – the shadows were not labeled with names, sorry guys!) and blend that above the white shadow base – blowing it out above the crease. The key is to not cross that border (if you didn’t get the point from the past 3 times I’ve said it – but repetition is key lol). Just blend til your little heart’s desire.

Great, so now you have the crease complete! That was easy, right? If you’d like, you can go back in with a darker purple to emphasize that cut-crease even moreso, just don’t blow out the darker purple to the same extent as the base purple to create a cool ombre effect.

The next step is the easiest – just take your favorite shader brush & a silver eyeshadow. I used the silver from this Ulta kit as well. It has a tad bit of sparkles in it which really spices up the look, especially if you used matte purples. I just patted this shade all over my lid, on top of that white base and on the tear duct/inner corner as well, just to lighten up this area.

I very carefully drag a small amount of the light purple shadow on my lower lash line – I didn’t smoke it out in this look but if you feel ever so bold, try it!

Take your Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil again to line your water line. Lining your waterline with a white creates a really doll-like appearance & opens your eyes. After this, take your favorite liquid liner (mine is L’Oreal Lineur Intense) and carve out a dramatic, sharp wing following your shadow.

Finish off your look with your favorite mascara. For this look, I used my Maybelline Pumped Up mascara. I also applied my Ardell “Curvy” Lashes as well to create that seductive, sleepy-eyed appearance rocked by the famous Marilyn Monroe.

THERE YOU ARE! Now you’re rockin’ a cut-crease. I never thought I’d be able to do one of these, I personally think they’re the most elegant makeup looks. Just remember, practice makes perfect. My cut-crease is far from perfect. Until next time! 🙂

xoxo kaitlyn



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