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HUGE Drugstore Product Review!!

Hope you’re all having a great Monday, beauty bugs.

As I write this, I’m currently taking a study break at a bookstore on campus & decided I would write a post for you guys. I just filmed a HUUUUUGE Drugstore Haul/Review for my YouTube channel & that bad boy will be linked in this post as well, although my blog post will be more detailed. I recently  just spent WAY too much money on makeup at my local CVS  1.because I have an addiction and 2. to share my findings with you guys. I’m just gonna hop right into this product review —

Wet N Wild 1-Step Gel nail polishes:

These guys are to die for. I heard about them in one of Kathleenlights videos & she said she was absolutely obsessed with them. I trust her with my life so obviously, when I saw these babies were only $4-I REPEAT- FOUR DOLLARS at Walmart, I knew I needed to try them out. I ended up starting off with just two colors- Stay Classy & Power Outage. Stay Classy is a nude/mauvey shade while Power Outage is your blackest black shade. I just painted my nails with Stay Classy the other day and the polish is holding up well with NO chipping – which typically happens like idk 30 seconds AFTER I paint my nails for me. But this polish dried nearly instantly on my fingers which helped me avoid that dreaded smudginess that typically occurs in that “I think my nails are dry but they’re actually not” stage of personal manicuring (aka air drying). And the polish actually feels & looks like a salon gel job. I’m very impressed so far.

Wet N Wild Contour Palette – “Dulce de Leche”:k2-_9e74db2a-421d-412c-abee-62d85d7bee0c.v2.jpg-438db16e25e2fe84c8f6b2a8979de8f897a13977-optim-450x450

FIREEEEEE. That’s the first word that comes to mind to describe this product. First off – pigmentation is AMAZING in the contour shade. The warm undertone bronzes my face up while contouring as well (I don’t usually like warm contour shades, so this is BIG!) The highlight shade has a very subtle pigmentation & no shimmer, which means hello to my under eye area with this baby. And the best part of it all? This was like $5 at Walmart.

k2-_e12e942e-fc3c-4eff-b212-1ff400185765.v1Maybelline Gel Liner – “Blackest Black”

Still workin’ with this one. I do like it. I’m just not used to gel liners – as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve only ever used liquid liner, which I feel like allows me to get more precise with my wing. Not a fan of the brush the gel liner comes with just because it’s not very precise. I probably just need practice! The formula of the liner itself is really pigmented/easy to apply.

NYX Liquid Illuminator – “Sunbeam”NYX_Born_to_Glow_Liquid_Illuminator_-_Sunbeam

I’ve only used this lil’ guy once, but so far, so good. I love those frosty pink highlighters so the shade of this is to die for. I still have to figure out what’s the best method of using this product, though. Do any of you have it? How do you typically apply it – under foundation, or on top? Blend with a beauty blender, fingers, brush? How much do you use? Help a girl out.

319920-7-1320602733039Batiste Dry Shampoo – “Medium Brunette”

I picked this product up from Ulta a few months ago because my fav Casey Holmes raved about this stuff. It’s amazing to have when I wake up too late for class and don’t have time to hop in the shower and wash my hair – I just spray this stuff in my roots & bye-bye greasiness.The brown tint to the spray helps avoid the dandruff-looking residue white sprays can sometimes leave on your hair. The only complaint I have is I’m not a fan of the scent – it smells fresh, but also aerosol-y (obviously, Kaitlyn, bc it’s in a can, but me no likey).

Kukui Oil by Organix41+2VK7NYzL

This is my holy grail hair product. This stuff hydrates my hair & rids it of frizz. I just spritz it all over after I get out of the shower, comb through it and leave it to air dry. This is the only stuff I use in my hair – I’m trying to heal it because it’s been through the wringer with heat tools. Definitely recommend to anyone with dry or frizzy hair. I’m on my third bottle in less than 6 months! (Morrocan Argan Oil by Organix is just as good!)

img_8756Maybelline Master Conceal – “Fair”

I’ve been using this every day since I purchased it on Friday. I found that I like applying it UNDER my foundation as opposed to over. I apply this only under my eyes to help combat my dark under-eye circles. The reason I apply this UNDER my foundation is because I think that (even though its the lightest shade) this shade is a little too dark for my skin tone. When I applied it over my foundation, it looked orange & patchy. The coverage is amazing under my foundation though. The formula is very easy to blend out as well!

Covergirl Tru Blend Liquid Foundation – “Ivory”C

I heard really great things about this product so I decided to give it a try when my trusty L’Oreal True Match was out. I’ve only used this foundation twice. Both times, it applied easily & looked/felt like pretty much an exact dupe for my L’Oreal True Match. BUT – I’ve noticed it gets flakey on my skin throughout the day which isn’t cool. I also realized that after the times I have worn this foundation, I get these little bumps randomly on my skin. I don’t know if I’m allergic to something in the formula or just sensitive. I’m going to keep trying to work with it and keep you guys posted.

Elf Illuminating Face Primerwpid-20150819_103504

I DO NOT LIKE THIS PRODUCT. Yes, it’s Elf – and was only $6 so obviously I wasn’t expecting it to blow me away like a Marc Jacobs primer would, but I expected I could work with it. I am in love with my translucent powder from Elf so I figured I’d give this a try. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t prolong my foundation wear. The formula blends out to be sparkly….yes SPARKLES are present in this primer…wth? Not a fan. The one thing it does is provide a barrier/base for my foundation application – this is the only reason why I’ll keep using this until I get a new one.

NYX Matte Lip Creams – “Prague”, “Athens”matte-1

Lalalalooooove these lip creams. Formula is amazing and they dry so matte. The pigmentation is great as well. Prague (#5) is a berry-ish shade and Athens (#3) is a peachy nude. I NEED more of these in my life! I want every single color. What’s your favorite shade?


Check out my latest YouTube video for a talk-thru review on these products as well. Like, comment & subscribe and I’ll do the same for you! :

xoxo kaitlyn


*DISCLAIMER: the photos of individual products included in this post ARE NOT MINE. They were taken off of google image search, I do not own. The header photo is mine.



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