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My 2015 Necessities

Happy Monday, beauty bugs!

Today I wanted to tell you guys about my all time favorite products. I seriously cannot live without these few guys; it’s been straight up love at first site. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop using these products, or try to replace them, because change sux and my attachment to these products is real. Like I cannot go a day without any of them. It’s that -I’d trek through a blizzard the three mile walk to CVS to pick up a new tube of mascara so I don’t have to go a day without it-  kinda love. I’m sure you’ve experienced this feeling yourself as well, but I want to introduce you to my faves so you can give them a go as well…

L’Oreal True Match foundation:DSCF2131

This foundation is AMAZING. The hype is real, people aren’t lying when they say this is some good stuff. The wide range of shades=anyone can use this stuff. This foundation is medium (and buildable to full) coverage, and has a matte finish. I have dry skin and matte foundation kinda scares me, but I have no problem whatsoever with this foundation (as long as I moisturize before I apply it). The formula is just the right consistency that it feels light on the face and soft to the touch when dry. I honestly don’t have any complaints. OH, and to make things even better, THIS BOTTLE IS ONLY $10 AT YOUR LOCAL DRUGSTORE. I don’t think it gets any better than THAT! (I typically wear the shade N1 for this foundation btw.)

L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner:

Liquid eyeliner is a b-word to deal with, trust me, I know. But, I actually started out with eyeliner using liquid liner. I’ve still yet to try gel – crazy, right? (BTW if you have any gel liner recommendations, let me know in the comments) But I feel like I don’t need a gel 1041167liner to complete my life at this point in time because me and L’Oreal liquid liner have been in love since 2012. This is the first liner I’ve ever tried and will always be my favorite- I’m convinced. I really like the formula of the liner; it leaves a nice matte finish. The felt tip pen comes to a thin point so I can get really precise with my wing – like be afraid of that wing, I may stab you if you get too close, on accident of course 😉 The combo of the felt tip pen and formula of the liner allow the product to easily glide onto my eye, too. ALSO, this tube lasts forever. I’m talking like at least 6 months, possibly even a year. And it’s only $8.99. Again…does it get any better?

L’Oreal Telescopic mascara:

Okay…are you starting to see a pattern? I may have a slight obsession with L’Oreal…but everything they make is just soooo good and in my budget, so I can’t help it. Sorry not sorry. Anyways, L’Oreal Telescopic is a fairly new purchase for me, but it’s already grown so close to my heart. My mascara soulmate. I always have a difficult time with mascaras – like a lot of mascaras are enhanced-buzz-3183-1426171511-16. They just seem to never do what they claim to do on that flashy packaging. But this mascara actually does. The brush is thin with lots of short bristles, which looks scary, I know, I was scared too. But it actually works wonders. There is absolutely ZERO clumping when using this applicator, which I think is literal magic because idk how a non-clumping mascara is possible. Also, this mascara doubles the 1041179length of your lashes with just one coat, and it just keeps building up as you add more and more. I’m convinced if you applied 100 coats you’d have 3 foot long lashes (maybe this will be 2016’s new beauty trend? Bye strobing!) And yet again, this mascara is only $11. L’Oreal….please continue to slay me. Thanks.


Ulta Lip Crayon: Bittersweet

For the last holy grail product I want to mention, I saved my favorite lip color of all time. I have only ever purchased on Ulta lip crayon, but I think I need to go back and buy out the whole lip crayon shelf. Because, honestly, this is the best lip liner I have ever used. It has a thicker consistency than most liners, but this lends to amazing pigmentation. This color, “Bittersweet”, is a gorgeous dusty rose shade. I find it goes with everything from a light face of makeup to full glam makeup. I seriously would wear this crayon everyday if I could without people thinking I’m predictable af with my makeup. I seriously recommend any of the Ulta lip crayons to anyone looking for a nice, easy to apply, pigmented liner! They’re only $8 each.


Of course, I will update you guys if I ever add to my list of “holy grails”, what are your favorite products? Do you guys rave over any of these same products? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time! ;*

xoxo kaitlyn


*DISCLAIMER: all photos were taken from the internet- I DON’T OWN. Taken from Google Image search*




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