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How To: Grow Out Your Eyebrows


Hi my name is Kaitlyn (insert the monotone collective response “Hi Kaitlyn”) and I was an overplucker, but I am now nearly a year sober (insert clapping & words of encouragement). But seriously, I was really crazy with my overplucking. Once I plucked that one hair from my brows back in high school, you should have RIPed me there. I was done for. For a long time, my brows looked like this (see left photo): *INSERT HORROR MUSIC*

“Barely There Brows” – 2012


I’m not really sure if you can even see my sliver and sad excuse of a brow, but it got THAT bad. That picture was taken in 2012. I think eventually I must’ve realized that wasn’t cute, and let my eyebrows evolve into that infamous semi-circle, or “rainbrows” as I like to call them (see right):

“Rainbrows” – 2013






Now, in my defense, no, these brows don’t look too bad. And a lot of people shape their brows like this, I just don’t think this shape is flattering on me, at all. Just last year, this was a photo of me (directly below):

“Nike, Just Do It” Brows – 2015



I don’t really remember what spurred me to grow my eyebrows out – maybe it was because this was around the time I really started getting into watching beauty videos on YouTube and that nice, angled brow was everywhere. I wanted that perfect fade, that perfect arch, that flawless shape. I wanted the “Goals” Brow.

“Goals” Brow

So, how did I actually go about making this seemingly GIANT life change?

The first step is to promise yourself you’re not going to pick up those tweezers, no matter how bad it gets. And YES, it takes months and months to grow out your brows, and they’re not gonna look so good for a while. And you have to be okay with that. So, put those tweezers in the bottom of your beauty bag and just think of that “Goals” brow, keep that vision in your mind, and try not to scream every time you walk past a mirror.

I know that there are a bunch of concoctions you can either buy or make to apply on your brow area to promote faster hair growth, but I didn’t actually try any of these products. (Let me know if you have though, I’d love to learn about them!) Basically, I just let my eyebrows grow wild for a good 3 months before I even attempted to do anything with them.

One fateful day, I was gifted with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit for my birthday last April (I talk more about how I fill in my brows with the ABH Brow Kit in my “Simple Fresh Everyday Go-To” Makeup Walkthrough, I will link this here if you’re interested.) In this kit, there are a number of ‘stencils’ included which are literal stencils of potential eyebrow shapes that range from ‘petite arch’ to ‘high arch’. I believe for my brows I started off using the ‘high arch’ stencil just because I really had no arch at all and wanted to create one. Basically, you hold the stencil up to your brow and then fill in your brow using that guide. Any remaining hairs that are left unfilled when you take the stencil away should be plucked. After accomplishing a basic shape, that left me room to continue to let my eyebrows grow in while plucking away hairs that were outside of my desired shape.

I’ve been transforming my eyebrows for nearly 11 months now and I’m finally happy with how they look on my face. Some days I may fill in my brows to have a more pointed arch, some days I fill in my brows to appear thinner or thicker, etc. but overall, I am absolutely in love with them. I personally am feeling thicker eyebrows right now so that’s what I’m going for. I know some people may not like the thicker look, but that’s okay! You have to find out what YOU want. Never let anyone tell you what does or doesn’t look good; as long as you’re feelin’ it, that’s all that matters.

Here are a few current photos of my eyebrows:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please feel free to leave any questions you have for me about my personal experience! I will be posting an in depth “How I Fill In My Brows” Makeup Walkthrough in the future so stay tuned!


xoxo kaitlyn


7 thoughts on “How To: Grow Out Your Eyebrows

  1. I use natural oils on my brows along with biotin to help them grow out and it helps a lot!! I also was an overplucker like you. My brows have grown in in three months with the help of Bio-Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil and Grape Seed Oil. Imake a cream out of these oils. I have a post about it on my blog. This is my eye cream and I just rub it on my brows too to promote hair growth. It works!! I take biotin daily and that really helps too. I don’t believe in mega doses of biotin like 1000-2000 mcg. at a time. I just take Solgar’s Biotin tablets (I believe they are the highest quality vitamins). They are only 300 mcgs.,, so I take 2 a day. My hair and brows grow like weeds on these vitamins. Give it a go!! I was also thinking of doing a similar post, I was just waiting for my brows to grow out a bit more. To be a tad more #on fleek. 😉 Great post! Hope you will see mine when I post it.

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    1. Thank you for the comment! I’ll definitely have to try some of that stuff out. I’ve been trying to grow my hair😫 but yes definitely I’ll check out your post as well!

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  2. I’ve never overplucked my brows, but last summer I went to an “emergency” beauty salon (aka I didn’t know the people working there and my usual salon was closed) and the girl waxed too much on the upper arch, giving me the thinnest brows I’d ever had.
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve never had thin brows and I risk monobrow if I don’t take care of them, but those thinner brows didn’t suit me at ALL and I was desperate.
    But then I tried castor oil! I applied with a q-tip on the eyebrow area and also on my lashline (because who doesn’t want fuller lashes) and they were back to normal within 2 weeks!

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    1. Oh god, that’s why I’m scared to get mine waxed! I’ve always plucked my own. How did the castor oil work on your lashes? I want to try that!


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